Self Referral Information for Ear and Hearing Related Problems

If you are aged over 18, you can now have ear and hearing-related problems treated without seeing a GP or having a referral.

If you are suffering from hearing loss or ringing noises in the ears (tinnitus) for more than 3 weeks, you can use the self-referral service below.

Please contact the Patient Care Team for advice and to book an appointment.

  • Tel: 020 3456 5063 Email:
  • The lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.
  • They will respond by phone within 2 working days.

During Your Visit

  • You will complete questions about your problems on a smart phone or tablet.
  • You will see a Specialist Audiologist who will conduct video ear examinations.
  • Ear wax will be cleared if necessary (microsuction).
  • A hearing test will be performed.
  • You will be given a management plan.

Ear Surgeons at The Royal National ENT Hospital will be able to watch the video of your ear examination and hearing test. They will ensure that you are offered the best management plan. Sometimes they may want to see you themselves and will arrange either a telephone or face-to-face appointment.

Conditions Not Managed by the Self-Referral Service

  • Active ear infections and vertigo / balance related problems (dizziness).
  • Hearing Aids.
  • Chronic ear pain.
  • Irritable, itchy or discharging ears.

Please contact your GP to make an appointment to be seen.