PPG Terms of Reference

1. Aims of the Group

The aim of the Group is to promote co-operation and communication between the practice and patients, for the benefit of both. In so doing, the PPG will promote the wellbeing of patients and support the practice to provide a high quality of care and service.

2. Objectives

The core objectives of the Group are to:

2.1. Facilitate dialogue between patients and the practice staff.

2.2. Collect feedback from patients about current health service provision, with suggestions about how the service can be improved.

2.3. Review and provide advice and recommendations on the practice’s patient survey.

2.4. Ensure that patient information and advice are readily available, clearly presented and, if possible, are available in languages which meet the needs of all patients.

2.5. Ensure patients’ needs are considered in the development of practice systems e.g. appointment and telephone systems, promoting understanding of such systems amongst patients.

2.6. Ensure the needs and interests of all patient groups are taken into consideration, including people with specific illnesses or conditions, people with a disability and people from minority ethnic groups.

2.7. Support the practice to achieve its health promotion aims.

2.8. Represent the patient body when called upon to do so.

3. Membership

3.1. The PPG shall be made up of patient representatives, a GP from the practice and representatives from the practice staff, including the practice manager.

3.2. Membership of the group shall be open to all patients registered with the practice, and to all practice staff.

3.3. Efforts will be made to ensure a spread of membership in terms of age, gender and ethnicity in order to be representative of the patient body.

3.4. The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4. Meetings

4.1. Meetings shall be held at least four times a year, with an Annual General Meeting held each September.

4.2. Agendas and meeting notes will be circulated to all PPG members, by the practice secretary, using email where possible, and otherwise by post.

4.3. Reports on the activities of the PPG shall be displayed in Patient waiting areas, and on the practice website.

4.4. All members must respect rules of confidentiality, and not discuss personal or sensitive information outside a meeting.

5. Quorum and Decision-Making

5.1. A quorum will consist of 5 members

5.2. All decisions will be made in the best interests of the patient body and practice.

5.3. The PPG will aim, wherever possible, to reach decision by consensus. Where this is not possible the view held by the majority of those present will be the view that is agreed and taken forward by the group.

Terms of Reference agreed by all PPG members on 1 September 2019.